Thursday, May 28, 2009

My Damned Life

Ten years ago an aquaintence pulled into our lane and suggested that my husband and I attend a meeting that was coming up soon. He then informed us that the state of Nebraska was considering our valley as a watershed project. They wanted to build a dam and create a lake on the Jones creek. The creek is a quarter mile to the east of our land. The lake would be 250 acres and they would purchase roughly 750 acres in all.

So we went to the meeting and were horrified that several state entities were involved and had a design all drawn out and were actually working on this project. I got my chance to speak and I chastised the group for not contacting us sooner and explained to the group how we felt about our home of which we had only been in for 2 years. We bought 32 acres in 1997. The house has 2800 sq ft and very nice. A large barn and a pool we felt like we were on vacation when we were home.

That was ten years ago and the project is near completion as far as obtaining permits, funding and the engeneering. The powers that be have worked very well with us and have included us in any meetings and I have become an integral part of this project. I am not crazy about giving up my home but as I have always said "When given lemons, make lemon ade!"

A couple of years ago we recieved a flyer in the mail that advertised 55 acres of land for sale about 3 miles from us. We did a drive by and my husband fell in love. A hunters paradise! At that time the land was in set aside. The governments way to pay landowners from not farming parcels of land that are hilly and may cause erosion. When its ten years was up we took it out of set aside (which we had to pay for, what a racket!) We are pasturing some horses and cows this summer on 11 acres and we have decided that when we get $ from the state for our current home we plan on building there. We needed a name for the newer property so we started calling it Crazy Acres. It suits us. One really cool aspect of the property is that is has a 2acre cemetery on it. The headstones are dated from 1898 to 1912. It is very overgrown with lilacs and plums so I plan on clearing it out a bit and making it available to the public. This property has fantastic views and it is very private. I am getting pretty excited and we have a house design in mind. I will keep you posted in future and more pix are coming. Time for chores , Peace