Wednesday, October 21, 2009

More Comfort Food

My dad was sick last week and when he got to feeling better I asked him what he was craving. He wanted Ham and Bean Soup. My mom made it so good and I have picked up where she left off after she passed 14 years ago from breast cancer. Remembering is honoring.

I start with onion and celery sauteed in a large pot. Then I add the beans. I have used canned northern beans and dried beans, whatever I have and have time for. I like to add some different types of beans too, like lima and dried peas. Whatever I have or feel like.

The ham is usually turkey ham because its cheap and makes the soup meaty. My husband is all about meat. Sometimes I use a couple of smoked ham hocks.

I add water to cover all, add some carrot, bay leaf and salt and pepper. Then I add my moms addition of tomatoes. Just a can , diced, crushed, whatever. When its all cooked up and in the bowl add a spoon of vinegar to your bowl. I use balsamic, it is a great addittion, try it.