Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Cheese Frenchies, just like Kings used to serve.

In high school my friends and I would head for the local Kings restaurant to hang out and eat. This restaurant was unique because it was set up with booths and a phone to call in your order. The one food item I remember most was a fried cheese sandwich that was called a Cheese Frenchee. Years later I was looking through a cookbook and came across a recipe that claimed to be the Kings sandwich. I copied it down and have made it occasionally for my family.

At my 35th (oh brother!) class reunion I reminisced with some of the girls and they wanted this recipe so I decided to post this for all my Heelan High school pals.
Kings Cheese Frenchees
6 slices of sandwich bread
6 slices of American cheese
1 well beaten egg
1/2 c. milk
3/4 c. flour
1/2 tsp. salt
finely crushed corn flakes
Make 3 sandwiches using mayonaise.
Cut off the crusts (These go to my chickens)
cut diagonally into quarters
Beat together egg,milk,flour and salt.
I found this a tad thick so I added a bit more milk.
Dip sandwich triangles into batter and roll in crushed corn flakes.
Put some parchment or wax paper on a cookie sheet and lay the sandwiches on the cookie sheet and stick in the freezer for a while to stiffen up .
Bring a couple of inches of oil in a pan to 375 degrees and cook till golden. this will not take long and turn to get the other side. Great with ketchup.