Saturday, August 22, 2009

I am Back!

It has been a couple of months since my last blog. For these and all my sins I am sorry. Sound like confession? I read so many blogs that I think mine is rather boring and not as grand as some of the blogs I read. Thanks for your encouragement Susie.

Life here on the farm can be busy but lately I have been in a bit of a low energy phase. I think it is lack of estrogen. The garden was real slow to get growing and producing. I was asked if everything I make has zuccini in it. Last summer the zuccini did not do well and this year I am making up for it. I made a fresh salsa and substituted zuccini with peppers ( I did not have any). No one even noticed not even Johnny my biggest critic. Hes the kid that starts conversations with "You know what you should do". Love hearing that from a 27 year old child!

I was able to spend lots of time this summer with two of my granddaughters. Mikayla, 9, and Mariah 3. Mikayla usually came mid week so we could hit the library before taking diner to my dad. She liked making dessert for dad and licking the bowls! Mariah and I spent time while her mom was riding her horse. This summer she really started talking and was always cracking me up. Mariah got a pony for her 3rd birthday but refuses to ride so Mikayla has been riding him. His name is Trooper and he is so cute!
As the summer comes to a close I start to feel panic over projects not completed and regret for projects not done well, like the garden around the pool. It is terribly weedy and looks horrible. But nature will help me out and freeze those offenders and in the spring the ground will be tilled and it will look nice and neat until late summer when I let down my guard and the weeds will once again take over. What a world!