Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Taking care of your greens

I feel as if a switch as been turned on in my head. It's March the days are longer and I feel energized and so excited for spring and green. It is still very white here in N.W. Nebraska but the temps have been in the mid 30's for a couple of days so I expect the snow to shrink quite a bit. I was so desperate that I walked my new bike (xmas gift from daughter) down my slushy lane to the gravel road which was nice and dry and road from one hill to the next. I live in a valley on the bottom so I have 1/4 mile of fairly flat ground to ride before the grade rises. I did try the first smaller rise to the east. Lets just say I need more practice! I have not been on a bike in 20 yrs plus! Living on a gravel road will do that.

This has been a truly long winter and one thing I do to break up the monotony I grow my greens indoors on a steel rack with flourescent lighting. Flourescent lighting is perfect for greens and herbs that grow quickly.

This year I even tried a cherry tomato plant and have harvested cherry tomatos 3 times already and now there are about 10 clusters on the three plants in the pot. It sits in front of a huge window facing the south and is 5 feet tall. Nice conversation piece.

I treat all greens the same way. Even the store bought ones. First I give them a good rinse.
Then I spin them around in my spinner. Dont have one? Five bucks at Wal-Mart. Makes a great gift.

After the big spin lay the leaves on a couple sections of very absorbant paper towel and roll gently. Then place the rolls of paper towel and voile' you have greens that stay fresh and nice for up to 2 weeks.

I shop every 2 weeks so I need to have my greens last. Ya at the end the lettuce might be a bit rusty but I just pitch those parts.


Fresh Local and Best said...

You mentioned that you grew greens to me before. I wondered how they would turn out. These look great! Impressive!

Moira said...

After reading this segment, when I lived in Nebraska, I always planted crocus bulbs right outside the door.

When the ground begins to warm, the crocus come out of the snow and blossom. It's a good trick at the end of a long winter.

Of course, it's April now, but something to think about before next winter.