Thursday, February 26, 2009

Garden in the Winter

Times are tough. But I am tougher. I think my husband and I do better when we have to work together to make ends meet. We call it going back to nature. Living on an acreage has helped. We raise our own beef and chickens of course eggs. I incubate some eggs and keep the hens and raise the roosters and butcher them. We raise a large garden and put up as much as we can.

In Sept 08 I had amisshap on a horse and broke my pelvis. I spent 35 days in the hospital. My recovery took 4 months. I am not going back to work, I only worked part time. I have always been a homemaker and know it has been my true calling. I like being home. I love cooking and gardening. I have been growing leaf lettuce , spinach and cilantro under flourecent lights since January. The lettuce is a mesculin mix and doing very well and what I have cut is growing back for another cutting. The spinach is a little small so I am going to use a larger container. Right now they are in newspaper pots that i make from strips of newspaper and hold up very well . The cilantro has been harvested a couple of times as well. I have planted these every 2 weeks so have 3 batches going. What fun to go into the formal living room that houses my nice furniture and grandkids toys and a stainless utility shelf with lights, to get greens for a salad!

I just got a visit from my friendly neighborhood mail carrier and he brought me my spring seeds. I cant wait to get going. This year I am starting the pepper seeds earlier than any thing even though they will be the last in the ground because they like it warm. I will use newspaper pots which is a great way to use old newspapers. Here is my link to my seed company and you can get a pot maker too!

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