Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Paper Pots

Now that I am not "working", I am always looking for free things and now its time to start my seeds indoors I have found a great way to start my plants. Paper pots! A pot maker cost me $10.
I cut news paper into 4 inch strips. Wrap the paper around the pot maker, fold over the end and mash with the bottom of pot maker. press hard and mash back and forth to create friction. This causes the pot to stay molded.
The pots will hold up well till planting time. But treat them gently. They hold moisture very well.
Using our local rag I have come upon news stories and obits that I have wrapped so they show and then those pots become little tributes.
To cut the strips of news paper I use a rotary cutter and a self healing mat. Makes for quick work.
I fill the pots with a lightweight soiless mix. This means there is peat moss and other stuff in it. Fill the pots 3/4 full. Press lightly and give each pot a shot of water. Place a couple of seeds in each pot and cover with more soil. Spray with water that has a shot of Listerine in it. This keeps from mold and mildew from forming in a damp situation. Cover pots and peek daily to check for growth. If they appear too wet take the cover off for a bit every day. Cover at night. As soon as the seeds germinate put them under fluorescent lights hung 2-3 inches above the plants. I know this sounds close but this keeps the plants from getting spindly. Fluorescent lighting is perfect for getting plants started., they don't have the colors of the spectrum to make plants flower very well. The plants once started will only stay indoors a few weeks then they will go outside to a sheltered area to harden off for a week or so before you plant them in the ground.
I will keep you updated on my plants.


Mrs. Corbett said...
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Susie Corbett said...

You are the most creative person I know. Your blog brings great joy to my world. Keep it up

Lynne said...

such a great idea. I wonder if you can do the same thing by just moulding around a pot? I'
ve never seen a pot maker where I live!

A Chistoff said...

Hi, yes the idea is great however I've found a better one: it is called next generation paper pot maker and it is much cheaper. Plus you can add soil without damaging the pot you just made.