Saturday, March 14, 2009

Salmon Patties

Lent is not the only time to eat fish. My New Years resolution was to eat smarter and keep cost down. My plan is to have beef twice a week, chicken twice a week, fish once, vegetarian twice. The reason we have beef and chicken four days a week is because we produce it on our farm so cost is way down and because we are meat eaters and proud of it! That said now onto new business.
Salmon patties are fast and nutritious. I use the salmon that comes in the easy foil packets. Two packs will make about 8 patties and feed 4 Freemans. Dice up some celery and onion. Add an egg, a cup of crushed saltine crackers, and a little milk. Mix it all up and make patties and fry in a little oil.
I put the patties on a rye bun with a dill sauce that I recreated from a recipe that was given to me via a comment on my Friday Night Pizza blog. I took 1 cup sour cream, small diced red onion, tsp lemon juice, dill weed to taste, salt, pepper. This is a very refreshing alternative to tartar sauce. I sliced an avacodo and cut some of my indoor lettuce and wala very pretty and so Yummy!

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