Friday, September 4, 2009

I am fat! My knees hurt. My back hurts. I have become very lazy and just do not have the energy to get up and go. I need a change. I do not work outside the home other than getting up real early to sit at my daughters house when one parent goes to work and wait for the other to get home. Then I come home have coffee and when my husband gets up we feed the chickens and horses then we take water to the cows and horses that are in a pasture a couple of miles away. When we get home Tim gets ready for work and i cook lunch which is our biggest meal for the day. After lunch we watch the news and then hubby goes to work and the rest of the day is mine.

Left alone to my own devices I clean the kitchen and then I am ready to clean something or work on one of my many projects. Lately this is where I get stuck in nuetral. I find myself sitting and thinking about doing something yet I do nothing. It is starting to get to me. I cant take the guilt.

I am so fortunate to live my life. I am so very loved by my husband. I have great kids and darling grandkids. Two dogs and a granddog are my companions all day.
So whats my problem? I think I am complacent. Too comfy in my safe lovely life. So I need a change and this blog is going to be my springboard. I am going to share with the world the details of my fortunate life.

So jump starting things the first thing I will do is walk as many days a week as I can. The dogs will really like that. Eating healthy with lots of fruits and veggies will be a challenge especially not eating after 7 o'clock. I am a night time bored eater. I love bread and soft mooshy foods.

I plan to start eating just veggies for my evening meal that way Tim will have something to eat when he gets home and he wont have to prepare anything for himself and it will be good for him too. We both need to lose about 30 pounds. Well here goes I will keep you posted.

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