Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Zuccini Crazy

This year the garden was real slow to start. The rabbits ate all the cauliflour and broccoli that I set out then the weather was strange and the rest of the garden was very slow to produce. The zuccini were the first veggies ready. We have been eating them since! Everyday I go to the garden and pick whats ready. I put them in everything. Scrambled eggs, taco meat, stir fry, soup, cake, and pico de gallo.
The pico de gallo was a surprise because I did not have any peppers so I thought I would try zuccini instead. Suprisingly it works very well and picky critic son did not even notice. It is best fresh.

I diced up red onions, tomatoes, unpeeled zuccini and tossed them in a large bowl.
Squirted the juice of a lime, chopped some cilantro and added a hot pepper and threw in some salt. Thats it! Let it sit for a bit to let the flavors meld.

We love it so much that we caught each other standing at the counter with a spoon and eating right out of the bowl.

One day I diced up an avacado and shrimp and put some clamato juice in it and ate it like a soup.
How healthy can you get!

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