Thursday, September 24, 2009

Looking out my Window

Looking through my window today the cotton wood tree is shedding its leaves while the sun shines through a hase of clouds that was fog this morning.

I didnt go for my walk because I chose to lay in bed a little longer. I did walk the last two days. Not a great excuse but one, none the less.

Last night Tim and I attended a public meeting for the upcoming lake that the NRD is proposing to build where we live. We learned that the appraisals are to be done in the next 3 months and after that they will come with a $ figure and it will be a done deal. After 10 years of living in a house that will be sold , torn down or whatever. It wont be mine and hasnt been mine since we heard of the plans 10 years ago. I want a house that is mine and no one will knock on the door and take it away from me. I am a homamaker and that is my bliss. Playing house is what I like to do.

I have been afraid to dream too much about the new place. My husband is very forward thinking and we have purchased land about 3 miles from where we are now. Its a beautiful sight. With 55 acres there is some farm ground,some pasture, some timber and plenty of view. We pastured cows and horses this summer and whenever I got a chance I would slip out and sit where we are thinking of putting the house. It feels right. And if you think my present place is peaceful you need to come out to Crazy Acres. Thats what we decided to call it. Some of our relatives dont like that name but it suits us. Hey, crazy aint so bad!

Sometimes I suprise my self and make something yummy out of nothing. I had some leftover deer meat that I didnt use all of for the chili on Sunday. I started out with a little olive oil in the pan added the meat cut up really tiny. Added a few cloves of garlic and onion. I had some little eggplant on the counter so I sliced them up threw them in a collander and sprinkled with salt to let the bitterness weep out for a few minutes. Then I added the eggplant and cooked for a bit and added what I am afraid is the last of a truley worst year for tomato production, EVER!

Oh ya and I threw in some chopped pak choi that i picked up at the Asian store. This all tasted pretty good but it was lacking. I hate to try something totally different that would cause the whole dish to be ruined so I took the easy way and added some soy sauce. not much just a few hearty splashes.

Since Tim likes a little bread I had some bakery buns and I opened them up and spooned the mixture onto the buns then ladeled some of the juices over top to drain through and soften the buns a bit. Srinkled this with parmesan cheese and we both really liked it.

Do you like Soap Operas? Oh, I do! And so does Tim. I told you he is a great guy! We watch the first part of all my children together everyday, then he goes to work and I alone must endure the trials and tribulations of Pine Valley, Lanview and Port Charles. Its a tough job but somebodys got to do it.

Sometimes the shows really crack me up. Like a while ago Blair had a vision of what it might be like if she and Dorian were the Beils (Grey Gardens). Very funny stuff. I love looking at the fashions and the home decor in the background.

Later today I am going to take diner to my dad and hang out for a while. Dad is a retired policeman and hes 85. Does ok by himself but should not be driving. Still golfs. He and I also share the same love of books so I have been providing him with different selections. He read the western I took him real fast and now he is reading Barbara Walters book, Audition. He says its real good so I cant wait to read it. I started "The Shack" by Wm. Paul Young. I really liked the begining but when it got further along I lost interest. I am taking it to dad and see if he likes it. One of the little towns by me has a book club and posts what books are to be discussed in the newspaper so I am going to try and read a few of those. "The Shack" is a pick for Oct. and that is all I could get at the library this time. I will have to look them up on my on-line library and see if I can download them to listen to. I am currently listening to Shanghai Girls,by Lisa See. Very good and a pleasure to do cleaning, laundry and yardwork listening to such a good story.

I have been yacking too long I better get going. See you next time I look out my window.

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Fresh Local and Best said...

Ma Ma Freeman,

Thanks for your message on FLB. We have a very small apartment. I tried to grow herbs earlier this year under fluorescent light and gnats kept on circling the plants. It was disturbing to my husband, so I'm going to save it for a day when we live on a farm, which is one of our dreams, actually our biggest dream. We used to live in just north of San Francisco, in Marin, and loved visiting the farms up in Napa and Sonoma. There's so much rustic beauty and inspiration. I like the excitement of the city, but it's only because I'll soon enough give it up for country living.
I read the Shack too. I feel the same way. After the sequence on the abduction, I had a hard time following the in/out reverie. But I finished it, and the ending was neat.
Thanks for stopping by FLB.